Friday, February 10, 2012

Future Rodeo Queen

We figured out this last summer that Kyah LOVES horses.
Colby traded a friend at work some Jazz tickets and he took the family horseback riding.

Kyah was in seventh heaven. 
It started with her being led around and then the walked the horse, but by the time we were finishing up
Kyah was riding all on her own - she didn't even want anyone to walk next to her.  She thought she was such a big girl - she loved every minute of it.

Everyone got in on the action.
Dad included - this may have been his second time on a horse in his life, but he did a great job.

I wish you could see Jax's face, but he has the death grip on me.
He really didn't want to ride, but he did it anyway - I was so proud of him for at least trying.

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