Friday, July 29, 2011

Garden Update

I seriously LOVE having a garden!
It is a ton of work (thank you honey), but so rewarding.
It is so fun to take the kids out back and pick things.
We currently have cucumbers coming out our ears, so if anyone wants any - let me know.

This is one of 4 pumpkin plants that are currently taking over everything.
Colby and I decided next year any extra space we are just planing pumkins and we'll have a big neighborhood pumpkin patch because they are seriously awesome!

This pumpkin is already bigger than a softball.

That's the huge broccoli.

And green peppers - anyone need any?

Baby jalapenos. (These are for Colby, but he only needs like 2, so these are up for grabs too.)

That huge weed looking thing is watermelon!

I love that it looks exactly as it should already, even in it's tiny state.

The above is a cateloupe.

And since netting our stawberry patch it's growing leaps and bounds.
Almost everynight we can go out and pick a couple strawberries and some cherry tomatoes.
I love growing a garden.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Once in a life time

While we were in St. George for the reunion my Grandpa pointed out this plant.
It's called a Centurey Cactus, because like you guessed it only blooms once ever 100 years.
The other 99 years it just looks like a very straight rod growing out of the ground.
It was beautiful and unlike any other plant/flower I've ever seen.
So, in my lifetime this plant will never look like this again.
That just seems so crazy to me. 
I felt fortunately to get to see one in bloom.
If you plan on being in St. George in 100 years and want to check this one out let me know and I'll tell you where to go looking.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

St. George Part II

How do you handle the heat in St. George?
Go to the POOL!

I had to take a picture of Kyah's hair the is the probably the first and last time it will ever look like this again.  My cute Aunt has a couple girls around my kids age and we were sitting talking about the drama that is Kyah's hair and she said that she pulled it up like the photo above all the time with her girls and I just laughed.  I told her how Kyah screams like she's being beat everytime I did her hair and if she was up to the challenge - Good Luck!  Kyah not knowing my aunt very well and wanting to be a good girl didn't cry once!  Mind you she had her fists in her eyes most of the time trying to NOT cry, but she didn't yell or cry one time.
Way to go Kyah! 
It's too bad she doesn't do that for me.

The girls and our littlest cousin James. 
I am the oldest grandchild and he's the youngest.

Oh how I will miss the summer!

The kids riding in the Model T with Granpa.  My Grandma inherited it from my Great-Grandpa Z.  This is a car VERY similar to the one she learned to drive on.  How fun!
My Great-Grandpa Z has taken us on Model T rides for as long as I can remember and I'm so glad we can continue on this tradition with my kids Great-Grandpa.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Smith Family Reunion - St. George

Our annual Smith familyreunion was held in St. George and Grandpa & Grandma's house this year.  It was our first time doing something like this as a completely little family.  It was so nice to not go alone.

There was food and fun and games.  Lots of laughter and some tears.
There was a trip to the pool and lots of playing with counsins.
We did a session in the St. George temple - a first for me!
Kyah made it to St. George and back without throwing up, which is a definate sucess.

We went to a community party to celebrate the 24th. 
The kids loved this slip and slide.

My Grandpa Koerner even came out for dinner one night.  It's so nice to be able to visit the granparents in one swoop.  I just wished we lived a little closer.

I have some additional pictures to post of a century cactus and Model T rides.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A New Beginning

This may seem slightly ridiculous, but things have changed and we are no longer the "Hancock Household," we are now a combined household of Parrish's AND Hancock's.  So, make no mistake, this is still us just different.

You will note that I also added tabs at the top of the blog that will link to my recipes, cakes and prepardness stuff - as opposed to going to a completely separate blog for each.  I hope this makes it easier for all ya'll.

Baking and Basketball
It's simple really.  Colby works for the Jazz and LOVES all things basketball, while I love all things baking - it's another form of meshing our worlds.