Friday, July 29, 2011

Garden Update

I seriously LOVE having a garden!
It is a ton of work (thank you honey), but so rewarding.
It is so fun to take the kids out back and pick things.
We currently have cucumbers coming out our ears, so if anyone wants any - let me know.

This is one of 4 pumpkin plants that are currently taking over everything.
Colby and I decided next year any extra space we are just planing pumkins and we'll have a big neighborhood pumpkin patch because they are seriously awesome!

This pumpkin is already bigger than a softball.

That's the huge broccoli.

And green peppers - anyone need any?

Baby jalapenos. (These are for Colby, but he only needs like 2, so these are up for grabs too.)

That huge weed looking thing is watermelon!

I love that it looks exactly as it should already, even in it's tiny state.

The above is a cateloupe.

And since netting our stawberry patch it's growing leaps and bounds.
Almost everynight we can go out and pick a couple strawberries and some cherry tomatoes.
I love growing a garden.

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