Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dinosaur Museum

Living a few blocks away from Thanksgiving Point has its perks.
Wanting to do something fun as a family we ran over to the dinosaur museum.
I swear this was Jaxon's idea and he was happy - he just hates that Mom always wants to take pictures.

The kids loved the sand/water area with the dinosaur figures.
I think they would have stayed there all night.

And this would be Jaxon's interpretation of the massive shark behind him.
Since Jaxon was 3 he's said he wanted to be a Paleontologist, so this exhibit was right up his alley.
He LOVED uncovering dinosaur bones.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

1st Tooth

Today say that today was a big and busy day appears in pictures to be a mild understatement.
Birthday party, Father's Day and a First Lost Tooth.
My baby - yes, she is still a baby she is only 4, lost her 1st tooth.
I only found out a week ago it was loose, she was so excited to be big like her brother she let Harley pull it out this morning.  She is so tough.  No tears.
To make matters worse the one next to it is loose too.
Bring on the Tooth Fairy.

Dad's Day

I have to say that with all this moving things are not up to my normal standard so we have been a little creative with holidays and such lately.
But, the amazing men in my life are understanding of my situation and are so great regardless.

Colby, the kids and I are so lucky to have you!  We love you so much and are grateful that you are the Daddy in our home.  You have taken on the role of Father so well.  I am so excited to keep up the journey of raising these kids with you.
From Jaxon: Dad I love that you build things with me and play basketball and stuff.
From Kyah: I love Daddy.  I love when we play and laugh.
I am so blessed!  I not only have Colby, but I have an amazing Dad who still takes care of his little girl and comes to her aid and rescue, a Father-in Law who loves us already, Harley who loves his children through and through, and Grandpas and Great-Grandpas who make my kids shout for joy.
I love each of you and I am so grateful to have you all.
I had to post this picture.  The was the finale of his birthday celebrations and the bast part is, he totally picked out this present with my Mom and knew what it was.  In fact, he asked if we could go up his fishing pole that Nana bought him, but even with all of that this was his face upon opening it.

Instead of our normal 3 tier birthday extravaganza cake, Jaxon was given the option of something Mom makes that tastes Yummy or a store bought decorated cake.
He went with taste - he is definately my boy!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

7 Already!

How is it that this boy is 7 years old?  I am in denial.  This is a really hard birthday for me - I just keep looking at him and thinking that he'll be 8 next year.  That thought pretty much pushes me over the edge.  I remember vivdly turning 8, I have so many memories of that age and even younger... the reality that my child is now old enough to remember this age as an adult.... HELLO!!! 
He will now remember all the things I screw up - he is making memories that will potentially last a lifetime - no pressure or anything, but if I thought I was molding my child before, what about now?

But, really he is such a good boy. He is sweet and kind and is building his testimony.
One of my current favorite things about Jaxon is his prayers. They are as heartfelt and genuine as they come. He without question believes that they are heard and answered and
 I absolutely LOVE that.

Since his birthday was on a Tuesday and we were in between moves it was a pretty simple birthday. We had pizza (his favorite), opened presents (check out that huge floating remote control shark!!), had dirt cups (not one of my finer moments, but he loved them all the same) and then went to Boondocks. All is all a fabulous night by any 7 year olds standards.

Check out those golf swings... yup that is how Kyah does it, regardless of our help - don't worry we know she'll totally go pro someday.
Happy Birthday Buddy!!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lazy Sunday

These are my cute kids as of today. They grow up so quick I can hardly believe it. Enjoying a lazy Sunday at home is a very a rare treat in these parts, so when I had one today I snapped a quick picture of my wee ones.

Friday, June 8, 2012

What makes a House a Home

There is so much going on in this world of ours I haven't had the time to even consider blogging.  Hopefully we are turning a corner with the madness and I will be able to start being more current.  One of the biggest sources of the black time hole is that in April we decided to put our lovely home up for sale.  April became a month of trying to hurry and fix and clean the house to get it ready for the market and then it was a matter of listing it.  After much prayer and some serious work our house had an offer and was under contract in two short weeks.  Then May brought the boxes, packing and more cleaning.  And finally June, the 1st to be exact, brought the actually moving.

The original thought and reason for moving was to be closer to work.  Colby started working with me at Young Living in April and the 2 hour commute everyday was just ridiculous.  We checked out EVERY builder in the Lehi area.  Seriously, I've never looked at so many house plans and model homes in my life.  We decided on a cute home by McArthur, just three blocks away from work - it seemed like the perfect solution.  Knowing we had to be out of our house in short order and that it would take 5-6 months to build, we found a condo in the same subdivision to rent.  But, once the deposit was paid and the condo agreement signed it felt all wrong.

Since the existing home market in Lehi was slim pickins we randomly starting looking for homes in South Jordan and the surrounding areas.  We looked online Sunday evening before bed and found several possibilities.  The next day Colby made a few phone calls and we even went to look at one.  This house was not exactly what we were looking for initially, but walking through it we really liked it.  It was a little more than we were looking for, but taking a chance we put in an offer.  There was already an offer on the table so we thought there was no way we would get it and truthfully I was kind of hoping we wouldn't since we were moving into the condo on Friday.  But, as life would have it after we had finished the first truck load Friday we got the phone call saying that we had got the house.  So, now we are in the condo for the next month while we get ready to move into our new house at the end of June.

Unfortunately, our house drama is just the tip of the iceberg.  2012 will be a year to remember that is for sure.