Tuesday, June 12, 2012

7 Already!

How is it that this boy is 7 years old?  I am in denial.  This is a really hard birthday for me - I just keep looking at him and thinking that he'll be 8 next year.  That thought pretty much pushes me over the edge.  I remember vivdly turning 8, I have so many memories of that age and even younger... the reality that my child is now old enough to remember this age as an adult.... HELLO!!! 
He will now remember all the things I screw up - he is making memories that will potentially last a lifetime - no pressure or anything, but if I thought I was molding my child before, what about now?

But, really he is such a good boy. He is sweet and kind and is building his testimony.
One of my current favorite things about Jaxon is his prayers. They are as heartfelt and genuine as they come. He without question believes that they are heard and answered and
 I absolutely LOVE that.

Since his birthday was on a Tuesday and we were in between moves it was a pretty simple birthday. We had pizza (his favorite), opened presents (check out that huge floating remote control shark!!), had dirt cups (not one of my finer moments, but he loved them all the same) and then went to Boondocks. All is all a fabulous night by any 7 year olds standards.

Check out those golf swings... yup that is how Kyah does it, regardless of our help - don't worry we know she'll totally go pro someday.
Happy Birthday Buddy!!

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