Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Smith Family Reunion - St. George

Our annual Smith familyreunion was held in St. George and Grandpa & Grandma's house this year.  It was our first time doing something like this as a completely little family.  It was so nice to not go alone.

There was food and fun and games.  Lots of laughter and some tears.
There was a trip to the pool and lots of playing with counsins.
We did a session in the St. George temple - a first for me!
Kyah made it to St. George and back without throwing up, which is a definate sucess.

We went to a community party to celebrate the 24th. 
The kids loved this slip and slide.

My Grandpa Koerner even came out for dinner one night.  It's so nice to be able to visit the granparents in one swoop.  I just wished we lived a little closer.

I have some additional pictures to post of a century cactus and Model T rides.

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