Monday, August 1, 2011

Beaver Part I

My brother-in-law's aunt has this cabin in Beaver that's big enough for the whole Parrish family to go down and camp out in for a few days of fun.
I was skeptical at first - it is Beaver after all, but once we got down there we had a great time!
That's Colby and the kids playing a little Wii.

Then of course we took a dip at the local pool.

The kids loved having their cousins around and getting to play with each other from sun up to sun down.

In the backyard there was a zipline.
Jaxon tried it once (good job Jax!) and decided it wasn't his kind of thing.
Kyah tried it and wanted to go over and over and over.
She is such a dare devil - I have no idea where she gets it.
I took as much coaxing as Jaxon did to go down.

All smiles!
Colby too!

They also had an inground tramp and a putting green.
It was such a perfect little spot.

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