Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bubble Boys

For date night we doubled with Rach and Andrew and went to our local County Fair.
They had this game/attraction called "Walk on Water"
Essentially they put you in bubbles (similar to gerbil balls) in a pool of water.
Because A- this was a new and exciting idea and B- we figured we could laugh really hard, we suggested Colby and Andrew give it a try.
Colby climbing in the ball and it getting filled with air.

Then they just throw you out to sea to fend for yourself.

Here's the boys trying to stand.

And failing!

So close Andrew...

The following picture cracks me up - it was a complete accident, but it totally looks like she's holding the bubble Andrew is in.

Good job honey!

Rach and I almost died we were laughing so hard. 

This is what happens when you stand to close to the pool while laughing hysterically at your husband - Karma!

What a fun and out of the ordinary date night. 

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  1. Just blog stalked my way over from Facebook... Love your blog! I will be using some of your yummy recipes for sure! So happy you and Colby are doing well! Ps I SO want to play in those bubbles! How fun is that?!
    Hope to see you again, Mandy