Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's Where Fun Is

For our final summer hoorah we took the day off work and went to Lagoon.
I'm going to count this as the kids first time.
I took them once before two years ago - totally number of rides the kids combined went on during that visit?
Yup - totally a strike out, so this was Lagoon 2.0, and it was much more sucessful.
Kyah and Jaxon tried every ride we asked them to.  They were just troopers!
Both my timid/scared munchkin and my totally motion sick munchkin passed with flying colors.

Colby's sister and her family came with us too, so we had a cousin to joing in on all the fun.

Aren't these three just the cutest!

Kyah and her cousin are total buddies. 
He is right in between Kyah and Jax in age - which is fun for everyone.

Dad and Jax riding the Paratrooper.

Standing in line for the bumper cars.

Riding the train.  Can anyone tell me how Lagoon has two lions and our Zoo doesn't even have a lion?
And these big cats are close enough to almost touch, I have to say I'm glad I'm on a moving vehicle when we pass them.
(See the dog in the picture above?  Dad won that for Kyah along with a few other animals - any idea how cool that made him in Kyah's eyes?)

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