Tuesday, August 23, 2011

1st Grade

First day at a new school - again. 
First day of First grade already.
I can't believe how big he is, I can't believe how much growing up he's done and how different his life is today then it was a year ago.  I'm also so glad that he did all day kindergarten he was so much more prepared for first grade.

Colby and I took the morning off and the whole family walked him to school.  It was so fun.  I love that we live close enough to be able to walk to school.  Today was an early out day, so I got to pick him up from school too before I headed to work.
So far he loves it! 
One of his best little neighborhood friends is in his class and the library is so much bigger (this is important to him - in fact it was the first thing he noticed about his new school).

Notice those plaid shorts?  I asked him what he wanted to wear... he said his cool new plaid shorts with his awesome new plaid shirt... Nice try guy!  We're still working on it.

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  1. I had to almost tackle Juliana the other day because she wanted to wear a orange shirt with a pink skirt and purple leggins. When I told her it didn't work, she changed into another pink shirt, but it happened to be the one she wore the day before.