Friday, August 12, 2011

Possibly Inappropriate

We're friends - right?
(Even typing this makes me cringe, when people start a conversation like that it's generally not good, but bear with me.)
So, if we're friends can I ask you a question?

This is something I would generally ask my sisters or some girlfriends - but I have a strong feeling my results would be skued.  And by all means feel free to giggle, but I'd still like your opinion.

So, here's the topic - Hickeys.
What do you think?  Are they still labelled as "Tramp Stamps"?  Is it okay if you are under a certain age?  Is it just okay if you're married?  Is it okay to have them as long as they are not seen?  Are they offensive?  What do you think when you see somewhere sporting one?

I'm not asking because I'm hoping it's totally okay to walk around covered in bright purple hickeys, just merely a thought... It's something commonly joked about in my family and if you ever show up adorned with one there will definitely be some ribbing coming your way - but besides my often sideways family, I'm just curious what everyone else thinks.

Thank you for being my friend and giving your opinion without being offended.

1 comment:

  1. Tramp stamp if you are under age. Totally Fun if you are married because you can suck the crap out of places you shouldn't when you are NOT married! ahahahha (did I just say that?!)