Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Missing Teeth

Jaxon lost his first tooth in August and it was an ordeal getting it out... it was lose FOREVER and was just hanging there, but because he thought it would hurt he wouldn't let anyone touch it... I tried everything I could think of... bribery, having my Dad try and rip it out trying to get Colby to, but nothing - and to make matters worse I DON'T DO TEETH.
Like some people don't handle blood well and other throw-up... teeth make me nauseous - I really can't handle it... anytime he started wiggling his tooth I had to leave the room.  Ridiculous I know, but even thinking about it while writing this makes my stomach turn.
It finally got to the point of being just ridiculous that this tooth was still hanging around so one night while having a sleepover at his Dad's, Harley pinned him on the ground and tickled him with one hand and pulled his tooth out with the other.  Jax said it barely hurt and was too excited about the money to really care.
Fast forward to a week or two ago, again Jaxon has a lose tooth, but nothing like the previous one - no one is too terribly worried about it at this point so we just tell him to wiggle it every now and again and just don't even think about it.  That is until we're out to eat and we've all pretty much finished and all of a sudden mid-chew Jax raises his hand (Love school!) and then when he finishes swallowing he opens his mouth wide to show us he pulled his tooth out at school.
Then start all the questions?  Do you still have the tooth?  Did it bleed?  How did you do it? Etc.
He was so proud and so was I. 
Way to get over those fears and take matters into your own hands buddy.
So here he is missing his two bottom teeth. 

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