Thursday, November 10, 2011

Real Life Mom Moments (RLMM)

Have you ever while standing in line, waiting in traffic or washing dishes (anywhere really) just let you mind wander?  I'm not talking about going over your to-do list, but a mini "pause" if you will. 

More often than not, when I have these moments, I find myself thinking about some funny or completely random thing my kids have done or said, and even occasionally what I've done as a Mom that can at a more rational moment make me shake my head and laugh at myself.

Because I am admittedly not fantastic at writing these moments down in a journal and because I figure you might enjoy laughing at me to, I'm going to start jotting them down here as
Real Life Mom Moments.

So, feel free is you ever see RLMM in the post title to skip on by in case you
don't dig my parent/kid rambling.

For instance just last night I had a moment with Jax that clearly illustrates why
 I am the best Mom in the World!

It's bedtime and Colby and I are tucking the kids in bed, I can't for the life of me tell you how/what conversation brought up Jaxon saying that he was going to die before I did, but regardless, that's what he said.  I quickly informed him that it just wasn't going to work like that and he would most definitely be burying me and not the other way around.  (Please keep in mind that this was a done with giggles and very playful tones and not nearly as morbid as typing it out sounds.)  I told him that I loved him too much for that too happen and I would probably die of a heart break if it did.  Then as we joked more I told him that he'd either have to have me live with him so he could take care of me or that he'd put me in a home and he'd have to come read me stories and visit me.  Again he had been laughing and joking about this the whole time.  Then after my last comeback of something along the lines of "Just don't forget about me and leave me there..." or something like that, Jaxon says that his eyes hurt and he starts crying.

Yup that's right I make my kids cry before bed - awesome!
In rush the hugs, kisses and reassurance and prayers that I don't completely screw up my kid.
Luckily for all of us kids are amazing and don't hold it against you when you try to totally give them nightmares when you thought you were kidding.
How sick is it, that after the guilt passed I just thought of how cute and sweet it is that he would actually be sad when I'm old and that way?

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