Monday, November 14, 2011

This Boy

May be going through one of the best phases of his whole life.
He is such an amazing kid and I am so lucky to be his Momma.
He is trying so hard - which is so cute to watch.
He's doing great in school and at home.
I love to listen to him read - and not just "See Dick Run" books, but close to a 3rd grade level.
He is making goals and really trying to achieve them.
And he is so lovely lately - he seriously makes my heart melt and gives new meaning to the phrase
"My Cup Runneth Over."

What a joy my little man is, he is growing up right before me, I look at him and I can remember holding him as a baby and see glimpses of him as an adult.

I am so incredibly proud of you Jax and I am so grateful I get to witness you thrive and flourish.
I love you buddy, a million gazillion cheesecakes!

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