Sunday, September 4, 2011

4 is Fun!

Since Mr. H would have the kids during the evening of
Kyah's birthday we made sure to make the morning count!
What happens when you ask the birthday girl what she wants for breakfast? 
Multicolored pancake batter!
Butterfly and flower pancakes please!

One of the great things about your birthday?  Opening presents at 10 am.

After breakfast the kids got to play with their friends while the adults did some cleaning.
Then it was off to lunch and Classic Fun Center.

The kids had never been and when Kyah walked in and saw this...

she screamed and then ran.
I seriously love that girl!

They ran and played, and climbed and bounced and then they did it again.

Colby and I laughed so hard at these two.

I can foresee us spending some time here this winter while there is snow outside and the kids need to get some wiggles out.

Then it was off the their Dad's house for Kyah's party and I headed home to finish someones birthday cake.

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