Monday, September 26, 2011

A Revelation of Sorts

I've always heard that eating right and taking care of your body was a good thing to do.  I've also been told to view food as fuel.  I know that I should eat lots of fruits and veggies, lean protein is good and fiber is a must, but since I'm a foodie I tend to eat more than my fair share of the "other" groups too... you know what what I'm talking about - the black sheep of the food pyramid...

Truthfully it's not so much the sugary type things that are my downfall... I like to add cream to things and I'm a huge fan of simple carbs.  Give me a good fatty roll over a piece of cake any day!  Still I like my food and I pretty much eat what I want since I've never really noticed a huge difference when I eat "right" versus when I don't,

But, I've had my own small revelation this past weekend.  On Monday I started my diet, it is based on eating mostly veggies, fruits and lean proteins and eating only what my body "needs" as opposed to what my mind/tongue wants.  Which equates to a lot less food than I would normally "think" I need.  Anyway!  I started on Monday last week and was feeling great!  I had energy, my stomach wasn't bugging me at all, no cravings or headaches really - all good things.

Thursday night we headed up to Park City for Colby's birthday.  For as much as I wanted to adhere to my strict meal plan, for ease and for fun and by some serious peer pressure I decided I'd ditch the diet while in Park City.  Dinner Thursday night was at this fabulous pizza and pasta place.  Probably some of the best pizza and pasta of my life - serious, it was so GOOD!  But, about 15-30 minutes after we finished the meal I wanted to die.  My stomach was in knots, I felt sluggish and gross and wanted to somehow force myself to throw up everything in me. Which of course doesn't happen because I have a stomach of steel and never throw up.  So, what did I do? Ate a carmel apple of course!

Friday I tried to be better, ate eggs and muffins for breakfast, didn't really have lunch since we were doing some mad shopping and then we went to a BBQ joint for dinner.  Guess what happened?  Sick again! 

It's simple really, but there's my revelation.  I FEEL better when I eat better than when I don't.  Maybe it's an age thing, I can't really tell you, but the difference is dramatic.  I started back on my diet and I'm feeling considerable better.  I have energy, I don't feel bloated, my stomach no longer feels like it's trying to outside in itself and I'm happy.

I'm not telling you to eat differently - heck I'm a baker and a lover of all things dessert- I'm merely telling you that it's taken me almost 30 years to learn to listen to my body. 

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  1. Hey can you please tell me to listen to my body?! I just found your new blog, I hope you don't mind. Love the garden the hubs and I are going to try to have one next year. I hope I have just a taste of your success!