Thursday, September 1, 2011

Don't get it wet

Because the second you do the curls will be back.
Forr church this Sunday I straightened Kyah's hair.
This girl has seriously SO.MUCH.HAIR!
I love those curls, but I think I've only straightened it two other times in her whole life.

Yes, her hair goes all the way to her waist. 
It is so thick too.
I love her hair, except for when I have to brush it and she screams like I'm ripping off her toenails.

I think her straight hair makes her look so much older.
All day she was flipping and whipping it around, she didn't know how to handle her hair straight, it made me laugh all day.
She's such a cute girl - curly or straight.

(As life would have it, she went to her Dad's right after church and then had a water balloon fight.  Guess who's hair came back full of curls?)

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