Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Date Night: State Fair Edition

Here are a few pictures from our State Fair/Greek Festival date night from two weeks ago.
I love going to the fairs... I love the smells and colors and the lights!
Colby and I went together for a date night last year and I think we will make it a tradition.

Rach and Andrew - our date night buddies came with us.

These are a couple pictures from Rach's ride on the ferris wheel.

We had some super yummy food at the Greek Festival for dinner and then we headed over the the fair for some dessert and to ride some rides and have my honey win me a stuffed animal.
Everytime Colby sees a basketball game - he HAS to play - Everytime.
The good news is he almost Always walks away with a prize.
Kyah LOVES it!

Too bad summer's over and we'll have to wait another year.

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